Who should I call if I have an unfair dismissal claim

In this age of technology, the industrial control is under the machines. The reason is that machines take less maintenance, no payment and provide with a better production rate as compare to the employees. So most of the employers will dismiss the employees so that the machines could take their place.

Apart from that, the downfall of the economy is one of the biggest reasons behind the employee dismissal. Unfortunately, there are many employees that are dismissed every year without an authentic reason. In case that you have received the dismissal notification by the employer, you have the authority to file the unfair dismissal claim.

Make sure that you first ask your employer to know about the cause of dismissal in case that it is unfair you must meet the London employment lawyers. He will provide you the best services and guidance that will help you to win your case.

Make sure that you follow the legal path during the procedure of London employment lawyer. The solicitors in London have been providing the best services. So make sure that you hire the service provider that will meet your requirements and budget.

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